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CorelDRAW Books, Plug-Ins, Clip Art & Tutorial Video Resources
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CorelDRAW 10.0 (Windows Version)

CorelDRAW 10.0 (Windows Version)
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CorelDRAW 10.0 (Windows Version)
by Corel
Platform: Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / Me
Media: CD-ROM
ASIN: B00004Z563

The 10th edition of anything is certainly a milestone, and in the software industry, version 10 is seen about as often as a UFO. CorelDRAW 10 marks Corel's foray into the world of software legends. Corel has taken this milestone with grand aplomb, packaging a stellar collection of graphics utilities that will stand the test of time, of course until CorelDRAW 20 is released.

The package consists of two old hats, CorelDRAW and Corel Photo-Paint, updated with new features and a unified interface. Included as well is Corel R.A.V.E, a vector-based animation suite that can create streaming Flash animations for interactive, high-impact Web content. Throw it all together with more fonts, photos, and clip-art than you can shake a digital stick at (over 30,000), and you've got an unbeatable graphics powerhouse that will help you tackle any print or online need.

All three applications in the CorelDRAW 10 suite now share the same interface elements, including toolbars, option palettes, and filters. Tools you use in CorelDRAW are likely to be the same as tools you use in Photo-Paint or R.A.V.E. Techniques you hone in one environment can be instantly applied to another, making it much easier to perform a wider variety of tasks.

CorelDRAW 10 offers unparalleled control over previously daunting tools. Even complex tasks such as extruding a two-dimensional object into three dimensions, or applying mesh-based and multiple-step gradient fills have been streamlined as interactive tools. With R.A.V.E., Corel not only provides a powerful vector-based animation program, but one with a customizable interface and component mechanism that allows the importing and exporting of many formats, including the popular Macromedia Flash movie format. Photo-Paint allows spectacular control over almost any aspect of photo manipulation. In addition to hundreds of templates for family photos, greeting cards, Web pages, and slide shows, Photo-Paint offers friendly and succinct controls for advanced photo-editing tools, such as dust and scratch removal, hue and tint corrections, red-eye reduction, and many incredible high-quality special effects.

Altogether, this suite of applications allows the user to harness the combined power of three stellar programs to create interactive or static art, Web pages, slide shows, printed brochures, photo albums, greeting cards, and much more. The CorelDRAW 10 suite delivers a virtually unbeatable one-two punch of power and usability, further justifying the dozens of awards that Corel has won over the many years they have spent making spectacular software. --Victor Andersen

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