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CorelDRAW Books, Plug-Ins, Clip Art & Tutorial Video Resources
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CorelDRAW 9 f/x and design: Create and Perfect Non-Traditional Effects with a Traditional Design Tool

CorelDRAW 9 f/x and design: Create and Perfect Non-Traditional Effects with a Traditional Design Tool
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CorelDRAW 9 f/x and Design: Create and Perfect Non-Traditional Effects with a Traditional Design Tool
by Shane Hunt
Paperback - 400 pages Bk&Cd Rom edition (July 16, 1999)
The Coriolis Group
ISBN: 1576105148
Dimensions (in inches): 1.16 x 10.00 x 8.06

Even if you love art, love cool pictures, love computers, and love your graphics job, says designer and author Shane Hunt, you still want to get your work done quickly and painlessly. Hunt provides you with time-saving tools and tips on working smart in CorelDRAW 9 F/X and Design. This graphics- and content-rich book allows beginning or advanced users to take charge and master CorelDRAW 9, the powerful object-oriented graphics suite.

Almost every page includes a "tips" section--these range from bitmap explanations and exporting to duotone hints and tricks for color. Along with the manageable step-by-step projects in the book, Hunt includes a brilliant color studio and visual gallery filled with final images (these can also be found on the CD-ROM) that include corresponding sites in the book. For example, she directs readers to "find something you like, point finger, exclaim 'Cool!' then flip to the chapter that explains the process. Enjoy!" Some of the tutorials take you from past images--in one section, from the '30s and '40s--and show you how to add sci-fi pulp and comic-book style touches to your designs.

The accompanying CD-ROM is packed with tutorial files in native CorelDRAW formats, animation files, button and interface design samples, clip-art pics, plug-ins, graphics goodies, and f/x utilities. This is a great resource for graphics designers ready to plunge into the world of splashy creations and advance their careers with a deeper understanding of CorelDRAW 9. --Brooke Gilbert

Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Sharon Russell from Oakland, CA
I absolutely LOVE this book. It's opened up a whole new world of possibilities with Corel Draw 9. By the time I've experimented with all of the tutorials, I'm sure I'll be quite the whizz kid. Unfortunately, I'll have to do it all without any help from the CD. There is no INSTALL.EXE on the CD. Therefore, I am unable to install it. Although I can access its contents through my CD-ROM, using it that way tends to freeze up my system and it's just not worth the aggravation. But the book itself is a real jewel and I truly enjoy reading and learning from it. Shane Hunt's writing style immediately puts the reader at ease. This alone is worth its weight in gold and is a rare and welcome commodity in "How-To" books. Thanks Shane!

Reviewer: Kurt Isbrecht from Highland, IL USA
After trying several of the web based tutorials I decided to try Shane's book. One of the best things about this book is that it takes an artistic approach in the instruction. I have used what I have learned from this book in all my projects to date. Shane has made me a more creative Corel Draw user. After several years of just using Corel Draw I am now creating on a level I never could have attained before. One should know the basics of Corel Draw before using this book. If you know how to access the menu commands then you should get this book. Highly recommended.

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