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CorelDRAW Books , Plug-Ins, Clip Art & Tutorial Video Resources
CorelDRAW Books, Plug-Ins, Clip Art & Tutorial Video Resources
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CorelDRAW 8: The Official Guide

CorelDRAW 8: The Official Guide
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CorelDRAW 8: The Official Guide
by Foster D. Coburn, Foster D. Coburn III, Peter A. McCormick
Paperback - 958 pages (January 5, 1998)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0078824478
Dimensions (in inches): 2.21 x 9.08 x 7.38

This comprehensive tome teaches you all about CorelDRAW 8 for Windows and Macintosh--from the most rudimentary to the most sophisticated features. The guide features step-by-step instruction, a thorough discussion of each feature and technique, large screen shots, and a full-color insert, which displays artwork by many contributors and a brief mention of how the artists undertook their projects. Where applicable, you get tips on using Corel Photo-Paint, the bitmap editor that comes with CorelDRAW, and on using the companion utilities.

In the first section, the authors help you install the software; learn the new features in this version; study the interface elements, such as menus and toolbars; draw basic shapes and lines; create text; transform objects and shape them using the Shape, Knife, and Eraser tools; and apply colors and use color models and palettes. (The full-color insert shows you colors and CMYK percentages in the default Custom Color Palette). You also apply special fills, outline objects, and view your work in various ways.

The second section lets you dig a little deeper by working with layers and the Object Manager; by using grids, guidelines, and rulers; and by managing objects via, for example, the Combine, Break Apart, Weld, and Trim commands and the alignment and distribution features. The third section shows you special effects, such as the Enveloping tool, Interactive Distortion Tool, and the perspective feature. Other effects include extrusion, lighting, beveling, blending, contouring, lens, transparency, and color adjustments. You also learn how to fit text to a path.

In the fourth section, you learn about inputting and outputting your artwork. Here the authors explain the Color Profile Wizard, the CorelSCAN utility, importing and exporting features, page setup features, and printing your work and preparing it for a service bureau. In the fifth section, you use the spelling and grammar checkers and other writing tools, text-extracting and merging features, styles and templates, and the find-and-replace tool. You also create bar codes, object databases, and custom patterns and symbols; use the font-management tools; produce Web images and pages; and customize and automate the CorelDRAW interface.

The level of detail and the clarity of this book are invaluable. If you need an all-in-one guide to learning and mastering CorelDRAW, CorelDRAW 8 is highly recommended. --Kathleen Caster

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