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Special Edition Using CorelDRAW 9

Special Edition Using CorelDRAW 9
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Special Edition Using CorelDRAW 9
by Steve Bain, Steven Bain, D. Scott Campbell
Paperback - 1019 pages Bk & Cd Rom edition (July 23, 1999)
ISBN: 0789719711
Dimensions (in inches): 2.04 x 8.97 x 7.29

Special Edition Using CorelDRAW 9 wastes no time in helping the reader get the most from Corel's vector drawing application. The book starts, on the inside front cover, with a quick reference legend pointing to tips and tricks, and the first four pages are a glossy tear-out section of keyboard shortcuts.

There are chapters covering what's new in this version, as well as how the interface works and the basics of using the program, but the book really shines when delving into more complex topics. Chapter 17, "Working with Color Fills," or chapter 21, "Demystifying Lenses and Transparency," are the real standouts. An especially nice touch is the troubleshooting section at the end of each chapter.

Written by an experienced author and illustrator, the 1,000+ pages of this volume are well-structured and packed with the know-how of someone who uses the program every day. (Every two or three pages has a sidebar with a special tip on the subject at hand.) The author's depth of knowledge, the clear examples and illustrations, and the overall layout of this book really put it at the top of its category.

This is an outstanding volume for anyone either currently using CorelDRAW or wanting to. It offers chapters on the print engine, including previewing your Postscript documents before sending them off to the printer, and provides instruction on customizing the interface and keyboard shortcuts for your particular needs.

For the novice or prospective CorelDRAW user, the CD-ROM is full of project files from the book, as well as 50 royalty-free pictures and a host of other graphics. Additionally, there is a fully working trial version of CorelDRAW 9, good for 30 days after installation, so that those without the program can fully evaluate it before making the investment. --Mike Caputo

Customer Reviews
Reviewer: A reader from Baltimore, MD USA
Steve Bain's book on CorelDRAW ranks among the best books I've read on any technical subject. The organization is excellent; essential tools are named and described in the first few chapters, and then explored in detail later along with the remaining tools and functions. The author's command of English is wonderful; the book is clear, concise, coherent, thorough, and readable. I have been concurrently reading through this book while I use CorelDRAW at work, and am enlightened at every turn of the page. The desire to praise this book (& author: thanks!) inspired me to write my first review for Amazon.

Reviewer: Fraser Burdon from Sydney, Australia
I recently bought CorelDRAW 9 together with Steve Bain's book titled "Special Edition" Using CorelDraw 9. I am finding the book *very* useful in helping me to better understand the complexities of CorelDRAW 9.

Reviewer: algonquin2 from Toronto, Canada
This is the only book I have found that includes a working evaluation copy of CorelDRAW 9. It includes dozens of hands-on step-by-step workshops with the CorelDRAW files to support them. It is virtually the only book to explain *all* of Draw's complex drawing features in easy-to-understand language. It is over 1,000 packed and well-illustrated pages in length containing hundreds of time-saving user tips. Each chapter ends with indispensable troubleshooting tips geared toward solving dozens of common user problems. Most of the information covered applies to previous versions of Draw, at least two versions back. You won't be disappointed with this one, it's a lifesaver!

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