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Mastering CorelDRAW 9

Mastering CorelDRAW 9
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Mastering CorelDRAW 9
by Rick Altman
Paperback - 909 pages (July 1999)
ISBN: 0782125204
Dimensions (in inches): 2.20 x 8.86 x 7.35

Book Description: Written by acclaimed CorelDRAW expert Rick Altman, this new edition of the most comprehensive guide to CorelDRAW covers every feature, function, and new capability of the program. Using an approach that both instills confidence in beginners and augments the knowledge of the most experienced users, this book will help readers design professional-looking images, illustrations, and technical drawings. While it starts with the basics this guide delves deeply into advanced techniques, with extensive coverage on all the new and Web-related features. The full-color insert demonstrates finished illustrations described in the book, and "Gallery" sections showcase examples of CorelDRAW-generated projects.

Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Andrei A. Istratov from Berkeley, CA
This book is indeed witty, you will not get bored when reading it. Unfortunately, the jokes use half of the book, leaving not too much space for the CorelDraw itself. They explain what the function of each button is, and show how to draw rectangles and fill them with fancy colors. However, seldom do the authors go beyond these trivial things. It was my first book on CorelDraw, and I feel that this book was not enough to learn to use Draw. Another frustrating thing is that the tutorial files, which were supposed to pe posted on the web, are not there yet, although the book came in July 99, and I am writing this review in November. So be prepared to skip some chapters since you do not have the files to work with.

Reviewer: A reader from Pavia, Italy
This is a really good book! OK, get serious: "This is a GREAT book!". I have been working in the computer publishing world since 1988 (Macintosh Plus, PageMaker 1.0...), and I produced a lot of books for my italian publisher (don't know exactly how many, between two and three hundreds, surely), but I must say that the "Mastering CorelDRAW 9" by Rick Altman are the best for me. Altman writes well, is technically perfect, he is not boring, but he is not stupid (I mean, telling jokes and all that crap). He knows what he writes and, when needed, he asks for advice to the pros, without trouble. Thank to Sybex, the books were always supported by a CD-ROM with all the files you need (and they are all at their place...). From this edition you can get them on the Web, and that's great. This book let you learn to use the program even if you are a beginner, but it's good also for the advanced user. Well, I'm telling the truth, because I did it that way. A final note: thank to Rick Altman for the good job, and to Sybex for putting these books on the shelf year after year.

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