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Mastering CorelDRAW 8 with CDROM

Mastering CorelDRAW 8 with CDROM
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Mastering CorelDRAW 8 with CDROM
by Rick Altman
Paperback - 912 pages 4 edition (February 1998)
ISBN: 0782122086
Dimensions (in inches): 2.48 x 9.03 x 7.47

This title is a completely revised edition of the established bestseller from an acclaimed CorelDRAW expert. Beginners will learn to create their first drawing in minutes. By the time they finish with this book, they will be able to design any image, illustration, or technical drawing. The CD-ROM contains award-winning art that can be disassembled for techniques and style, and step-by-step constructions, plus clip art, fonts, and graphic utilities.

Customer Reviews
Reviewer: A reader from pittsburgh, pa
I picked up this book in my local bookstore, opened the book at random in two separate places and learned something I didn't know instantly, both times. Now that's a good book! I've been an avid CorelDRAW user since it was in version 3 way back in 1993. The software has grown in capability by leaps and bounds with each new revision, and each time I get a new version I look to see if Rick Altman has written a "Mastering..." book for it. His explorations of the program make the book well worth the price. My only disappointment was that there were no color plates to better display some of the astounding power of this software. However, the CD makes up for it by providing a wonderful smorgasbord of images and samples.

Reviewer: from Baltimore, Md.
I'm a computer graphics instructor (college level) and the "Mastering" books have long been on my Highly Recommended list for students. As for Rick Altman, I've been using his Corel books for the last four versions. This is a reference book, and a beautifully complete one. Don't look here for complex projects with lengthly recipes. This is for the artist who needs to truly understand an effect or feature and get back to work. It's also readable. Students can work through chapters, or even the entire book, and they certainly won't get bored. I love following an Altman book from start to finish.

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