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CorelDRAW Books, Plug-Ins, Clip Art & Tutorial Video Resources
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CorelDRAW 8 For DummiesŪ

CorelDRAW 8 For Dummies®
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CorelDRAW 8 For DummiesŪ
by Deke McClelland
Paperback - 432 pages (February 2, 1998)
Hungry Minds, Inc
ISBN: 0764503170
Dimensions (in inches): 1.03 x 9.26 x 7.41

Book Description: Imagine what Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Andy Warhol could have done if they had had a copy of CorelDRAW 8! Now you can become the artist of your dreams with the right combination of vision, creativity, and CorelDRAW savvy. CorelDRAW 8 For Dummies takes you on an entertaining and informative tour of this powerhouse graphics program and all-in-one artist's studio. With CorelDRAW 8, even the most complex graphics tools become putty in your hands. Create precise illustrations, draw free-form artwork, paint electronic masterpieces, edit digital photographs, make your own Web-ready graphics, and even design 3-D environments with the tools packed inside CorelDRAW 8. Needless to say, it would be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to figure out all of this complex, multifaceted software's tools and utilities overnight. Instead, let best-selling author Deke McClelland steer you in the right direction with an insider's view of the CorelDRAW program's most indispensable features, including DRAW, PhotoPaint, and CorelDream 3D. Just draw upon Deke's abundant tips and examples throughout CorelDRAW 8 For Dummies, and soon you'll be your own professional graphic designer.

Customer Reviews
Reviewer: from MD
CorelDraw 8 for Dummies: In general the book is fun and easy to read. I used it to learn CorelDraw for the first time. Everything is explained in plain English. The only two things that slightly annoyed me were: emphasizing the use of the rarely-used "keyboard equivalents" instead of the mouse and some unnecessary chunks of text with vague explanations that could be easily avoided. The witty descriptions are refreshing for someone, but only for one who is not in a rush to obtain the core of information.

Reviewer: from UK
One of the those books that is nice for begineers but a little annoying for those with computer experience. On the whole it was good (and the humour was excellent) but it is designed as a book for beginners. Having said that, there was enough in it for myself (experience in computers but new to Corel 8) to buy it; and it at least touched on Corel 3D which was more than the official guide seemed to. If you are a beginner, get it; intemediate well maybe, and if you are already using Corel products then I wouldn't bother. I would like to see a CorelDraw 8 for Thickies which would cover the intemediate to advance topics. Come on guys, the market's out there!

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