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CorelDRAW Books, Plug-Ins, Clip Art & Tutorial Video Resources
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Corel KPT 6.0 (Mac Version)

Corel KPT 6.0 (Mac Version)
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Corel KPT 6.0 (Mac Version)
by Corel
Platform: Mac OS
Media: CD-ROM

Product Description: MetaCreations KPT 6 is designed to extend and enhance your creative possibilities within Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts such as MetaCreations Painter. KPT 6 offers a collection of eight KPT plug-ins and two bonus image filters that produce spectacular effects for print and the Web.

KPT 6 includes these image filter plug-ins: KPT Goo, KPT Equalizer, KPT Gel, KPT Projector, KPT Materializer, KPT LensFlare, KPT Turbulence, KPT Reaction, and the bonus plug-ins, KPT SceneBuilder and KPT SkyEffects (formerly known as RAYflect Photo Tracer and RAYflect Four Seasons).

- Smear, smudge, twirl, and pinch images to produce visual effects or short animations
- Use the KPT Equalizer to correct blurred images by manipulating frequencies
- Add 2-D perspective warp distortions or 3-D transformations to any image
- Use realistic 3-D paint tools to synthesize a wide spectrum of photorealistic materials
- Create dynamic surface textures using bump maps, scaling, panning, and lighting

System requirements
- 180 MHz Power Macintosh or greater
- System 7.6.1 or later
- 32 MB RAM or greater allocated to host program
- 65 MB hard drive space minimum
- 24-bit color video card with color display
- CD-ROM drive
- Adobe Photoshop 4 or another compatible host program that supports Photoshop plug-ins

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