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TechTV Microsoft(R) Windows XP for Home Users

TechTV Microsoft(R) Windows XP for Home Users
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TechTV Microsoft(R) Windows XP for Home Users
by Jim Louderback
Paperback - 380 pages 1st edition (October 19, 2001)
ISBN: 0789726513
Dimensions (in inches): 1.09 x 9.11 x 7.41

From the Back Cover: TechTV's Microsoft Windows XP for Home Users is written in a lighthearted and conversational style but at the core is clear, practical information. This book shows readers how to customize and configure their systems, how to prevent and fix problems, how to add hardware and software, and how to have fun with Windows XP by exploring its many features. The entertaining style makes it fun to read, but readers will come away feeling as if the have learned a lot, too. It is assumed that most readers will have this software, although someone might buy the book as an introduction to Windows XP before upgrading from an earlier version. This book focuses almost exclusively on Windows XP and how earlier versions worked differently.

Customer Reviews:
Reviewer: kris jones from Oakland, CA
I just wanted to let someone know how thrilled I am about the book I just bought and am reading from cover to cover -"TechTV's Microsoft Windows XP For Home Users" by Jim Louderback & Michael Miller. In thirty years of reading (or attempting to read) computer related books, this is the only one I am so completely satisfied with in terms of being able to understand, use and learn the most needed practical information - it is exactly what the public wants, a useable and exhaustive book. I am amazed and appreciative of every page I read, where usually the experience is confusion, disappointment and aggravation! Please forward my kudos and thanks to the writers.

Reviewer: oldswabby from St Louis, MO
A quick thank you for all of the help I was able to get from your book "MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP FOR HOME USERS". Two days ago I experienced my first major system crash. After downloading a "free" firewall application Windows went in the tank. It would boot and get to a point where a message appeared requesting the registration of the new software then it would go into a re-boot! No way to stop this strange behavior so I went through the book until I found the proceedures I needed to recover.

Enough boring details. I just want you to know that without your book I'd still be looking for a way to solve the problem. It got me out of a black hole and I'm grateful.

Reviewer: Kimberly Risk from Columbus, IA United States
This book offers a great over view of Windows XP, focused on the home user. Other books I looked at try to have it both ways. If you are buying XP for home, either as an upgrade, or on a new system, this is the book for you. Chock full of fun details, tips, tricks and secrets. It has already saved me hours and hours of pain...

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