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Special Edition Using Mac OS X

Special Edition Using Mac OS X
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Special Edition Using Mac OS X
by Brad Miser
Paperback - 900 pages 1st edition (December 5, 2001)
ISBN: 0789724707
Dimensions (in inches): 1.85 x 9.02 x 7.34

From the Back Cover: From using the basic features of the OS to using OS X applications, and working with multimedia, the Internet, and peripherals to administering mixed networks, this book provides readers with the information they need to become savvy on Mac OS X. Topic selection focuses on the practical rather than the esoteric. The information in the book is designed to be applicable in regular, daily use of the Mac to accomplish specific tasks with the theme of "learn by doing."

Customer Reviews:
Reviewer: kryptonitekid from Mandeville, LA USA
I've been an Apple user since the old Apple IIc and have been through just about every generation of MAC and the operating systems. I'm not a "under the hood" guy - I use computers to get things done. With OS X, Apple did it again, introducing great new technology without documentation to let you know how to use it and unlease the power.

Most computer guides I've seen fall into one of two categories: A- The "This is a mouse. To use the mouse grasp firmly and push . . ." or the B- "Once in Terminal mode and root level, type the command. . . " If you are like me, you want to know how to get the most out of your machine without resorting to programming language. Mr. Miser has produced a great guide that takes you step by step through just about all the important functions and how to steps for MAC OS X (and 10.1). If you check some of the self-help boards on the internet, you get conflicting and confusing info. For example- installation of OS X and partitioning- Should you have the Classic envrionment on a different partion? How does the model of machine effect the partitioning decision? He gives you INFORMATION not just instructions, so you know the advantages and disadvantages of each decision. The book takes you step by step through all the new features and how to use them, and the tips with each section seem to predict your questions or problems before they occur. Having already installed OS X , I had been stumbling through the little quirks and problems. It IS new and different from the old MAC operating systems, and you have to get use to life in a Networked world. I had so many light bulb moments of sudden clarity that I had former Enron execs calling to offer their services in trading the excess power being generated!

The book is littered with wonderful tidbits. I had a simple question no one would answer - how do you rebuild the desktop in OS X? Found the answer - you DON'T need to perform this housekeeping under OS X. Thank you Brad!

Mr. Miser is a rare author. Here is an engineer who has a great understanding of the technology who can give wonderfully detailed information to the user in simple, plain to understand language without talking down to his reader. He has a good grasp that there are a lot of heavy users out there who are not engineers but just want to maximize productivity and minimize problems. On the other hand, the book goes far beyond the beginner level and helps you solve many issues that may have had you visiting your local computer guru- at $70 per hour. Thanks!

And as for OS X - I am doing more, faster than ever before. So make the plunge! Read the book, develop your installlation plan and make the switch over to OS X!

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