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Macworld Mac OS X Bible

Macworld Mac OS X Bible
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Macworld Mac OS X Bible
by Lon Poole, Dennis R. Cohen
Paperback - 900 pages 1st edition (December 15, 2001)
Hungry Minds, Inc
ISBN: 076453467X
Dimensions (in inches): 1.74 x 9.20 x 7.38 The Macworld Mac OS X Bible offers a comprehensive look at what is arguably the most complicated and advanced operating system currently available for consumer-level PCs. OS X represents a major step in the evolution of the Macintosh computer, but it is not an easy step. The authors understand this and present OS X in a clear and unintimidating way.

The book weighs in at nearly 800 pages and the authors have covered nearly every aspect of OS X. From installation through maintenance and good backup habits, they explore Mac OS X and all its installed applications. There are few stones left unturned, including such important new concepts as the "superuser" account, the NetInfo Manager, and access rights and privileges.

The friendly and clear style of the writing masks the complexity of OS X and discussing it in bite-size chunks will help any level of Mac user understand. Each chapter is littered with sidebars, notes, tips, and tricks, offering an abundance of information on everything from setting a default Web browser to connecting pre-OS X Macs to their newer brothers to writing scripts in the new AppleScript.

If you're attempting to upgrade, have upgraded, or plan on diving into OS X, keep the Mac OS X Bible handy. Even browsing through the pages long after you've upgraded is a sure way to pick up a new trick. --Mike Caputo

Customer Reviews:
Reviewer: lightbusters from Tulsa, OK
This book covers all the basics very well. if you want to learn Unix then this is not the book for you. It covers the differences between OS 9 & OS X very well. It explains everything in plain English and was a pleasure to read.

Reviewer: A reader from San Ramon, CA
OK, I have nothing really against this book. If you are new to Macintosh and have decided to take the plunge, or if you are a basic Mac user who would like to have the new OS's standard features explained to you, then by all means, get this book. I'll give it 5 stars for beginners.

But if you are at all interested in what makes OS X such a exciting step forward for all Mac users (namely it's Unix underpinings), then get another book. This book taught me nothing I could not learn from playing with the OS for an hour. (Don't underestimate the value of Mac OS X's new Help files) If you are interested in learning the more interesting features of OS X, I recommend checking out Mac OS X Unleashed by John Ray

BTW, OS X is awesome. If you are thinking about installing it on you G3 or G4, go ahead, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer: Don DiMarco from Jupiter, FL
With great anticipation I cracked open this latest edition of Lon Poole's classic book. Imagine my surprise and dismay when I discovered that it didn't actually cover version 10.1! I immediately called the publisher to complain, and to my delight, they sent me a CD-ROM containing an entire 10.1 PDF update to the book. What started out as a bummer worked out to my advantage in the end, and now I've got the supremely portable (10.1) edition. Hopefully they'll integrate this stuff into a future printing (which would earn it a "5"). In the meantime, I can attest that Lon Poole hasn't lost a step in his lucid, thorough treatment of the latest rev of the latest Mac OS. Thanks again, Lon!

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